Maths teacher Steven Cooper is going above and beyond to make sure Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College Year 11 pupils are ready for A-Levels.

With no schools sitting GCSE examinations due to the coronavirus, Mr Cooper is making sure the current Year 11s are kept busy at home.

Mr Cooper has worked in Burnley since qualifying as a Mathematics teacher in 1991 and has been at Blessed Trinity since September 2015.

“Lots of our pupils intend to study Maths next year and , I felt that it would be great for these pupils to get a head start on their studies. 

“Therefore, I am currently videoing several topic areas which will give them the best start to Year 12.

“My aim is for approximately three lessons a week covering topics in Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and starting with Trigonometry.

"Each lesson will have a video with several examples and explanations followed by a piece of work that the pupil can attempt and then mark themselves. The pupils will then be able to respond through Show My Homework or even the website and ask questions where needed

Watch this space – A level Maths is on its way!