Extra-Curricular and Enrichment

The attached PDF document details of our Enrichment (Extra-Curricular) Programme available this year. There is a timetable for each day of the week which includes details of activities and clubs in all our curriculum areas.

There are plenty of clubs and activities for students to participate in. Some sessions are specifically aimed at enhancing learning opportunities for the pupils, whilst others are more leisure-based in their focus.

The Resource Centre and Learning Support area are staffed and available for use by all pupils before college (8.00 am onwards), at lunch-times, and at the end of the college day until 4.30 pm.

Staff are available to help all pupils with homework or coursework during these times. Refreshments are also available in the Dining Room before college, and in Cafe Trinita at the end of every working day.

Click here for the PE Department activities in PDF form

Click here for the Performing Arts and Music activities in PDF form