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Blessed Trinity has partnered with RJ8 to provide staff and their families with a range of support services, from counselling to finance and legal advice.

RJ8 say: Mental Health Cover for all employees?

That is our core work. We offer unlimited counselling to all members of staff, including 24 hour support lines for legal, financial, medical, family and management help. Good mental health doesn't just start and end with counselling. Great mental health involves a whole solution support package.

We never want your staff to feel they're just a number, contacting just another call centre. We make sure all your employees feel important and get to know our in house team through various onboarding solutions.


We will never say 'no'. Every time someone picks up a phone or emails us to ask for help, we will always provide a solution. Even if it is outside of our remit, we work with some incredible individuals and companies who are ready, able and want to help.


Staff can log in to the RJ8 Portal below.