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Blessed Trinity students have travelled from Pendle to the Peak District for their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

More than 50 participants completed their bronze and silver awards, with the bronze award taking to the hills of Pendle and the silver to the Peak District.

Blessed Trinity is a prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Direct Licence Centre and has one of the largest DoE cohorts in Lancashire.

PE teacher Miss Place has been to Buckingham Palace twice as recognition for her Duke of Edinburgh work, volunteering for 25 years.

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As well as the outdoor section, students also took part in a volunteering, skills and physical section with students learning some skills for life, including British Sign Language and Theatrical Make-Up.

“They have been learning how to use sign language to communicate as well as looking into barriers for those with a hearing impairment,” said Miss Place.  “The students have picked up the skills incredibly quickly and show great enthusiasm and interest in this.

“The students have also been learning how to apply make-up to each other to simulate wounds.  They are currently being taught how to do this by one of our talented Year 10 students.

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“So far they have created amazing deep cuts, bullet wounds and wounds with an object stuck in them.  They have picked up the skills incredibly quickly often fooling staff into believing they are real!”

For the volunteering section, students have helped in animal shelters, at Food Banks, become ambassadors in schools, worked at charity shops and helped in primary schools.

For the skills section, pupils have participated in sports leadership, fly-fishing, acting, singing as well as sign language and theatrical make-up.

For the physical section, pupils have completed dance, fitness, team sports, horse riding and Martial Arts.